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Types of Roofs

Soffit and Fascia

Daniels Aluminum, Co. is proud to specialize in soffit and fascia. We offer a complete range of repair, maintenance, and installation services for your soffit and fascia-related needs. We have all your bases covered whether you’re looking to eliminate wood rot, improve ventilation, or boost your curb appeal.

If you’ve witnessed any of the above signs, it may be time to repair or replace your soffit and fascia. Contact us to book a no-obligation inspection, where we can assess your property’s condition and provide a detailed quote for any necessary work.

Green Roofing

Protect your property—and the planet—with a green roof from Daniels Aluminum, Co.. We are proud to be the local area’s leading green roof specialist. We provide innovative solutions to give you a roof that’s functional, fashionable, and environmentally responsible. It’s the cutting edge of roof design, and it’s yours to enjoy when you choose us.

Experience the endless benefits a green roof can provide. Call us at (301) 353-1465 to book a consultation today.

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